San Domenico di Varzo

    In the heart of the Lepontine Alps

    San Domenico is located in the northernmost part of Piedmont, in a valley of the Lepontine Alps that is characterized by a suggestive succession of ridges, woods and lakes in southern Switzerland.

    An alpine village in the Municipality of Varzo, San Domenico is located at 1,420 m above sea level on a plateau nestled between the mountain slopes that delimit the Val Cairasca, a side valley of the Val Divedro which is a part of the Val d’Ossola.

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    San Domenico di Varzo in Winter

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    The mountains, the ideal destination for a safe holiday

    Natural distance, pure air and unspoiled nature

    We are ready to welcome you safely. Choose the magic of our mountains to relax and recharge your energy in complete serenity, take care of yourself, your loved ones, your neighbor and our landscape.

    Here you will find all the main information to leave informed and enjoy a carefree holiday. If you need anything else, do not hesitate to contact us by email


    It is mandatory to wear the mask indoors or in places with limited ventilation.


    It is recommended to wash your hands frequently, bring hand sanitizer with you, and to use disinfectants placed at the entrance and exit of commercial establishments and accommodation facilities.


    In public and closed places, a distance of at least one meter must be maintained between people and a mask must always be worn. Gatherings must be avoided through regulated entries and exits. To facilitate the maintenance of distances, the various structures have been equipped with special signs.


    In all commercial establishments, accommodation and restaurants there is an obligation to measure the temperature of employees. At the entrance of the restaurants and hotels, the temperature will also be measured for customers.