Alpine skiing, even at night

35 km of slopes and 7 lifts for your amusement

35 km of professionally prepared slopesserved by 7 ski lifts are available to skiers.

The easy and wide slopes of Alpe Ciamporinoawait beginners to allow them to approach skiing or perfect their technique in a safe environment, also taking advantage of the professionalism and friendliness of the instructors of San Domenico Ski School. In fact, slopes such as the “Salarioli” and the “Campo Scuola” have gentle slopes of around 10-12% and the width of the prepared ski track, that in some points exceeds 150m: these are ideal characteristics to guarantee learning and improvement! Furthermore, the school camp tapis roulant ensure everyone can enjoy their first slips on skis or on the board in complete relax!

The more demanding and technical slopes of Passo Sella and Dosso are instead dedicated to the most demanding skiers and athletes from competitive teams. The slopes reached and the degree of technical difficulty of these slopes have allowed San Domenico to obtain approval from the FIS international ski committee for the organization of international competitions (FIS) of fast disciplines (Downhill and Super G): recognition that only San Domenico has in the whole of Ossola! Slopes such as “La Sella”, “Diei”, “Valletta” and the variants “Bondolero 1, 2 and 3” offer technical walls with slopes up to 55%, rapid changes of direction, compressions and decompressions capable of challenging even the hold of the most advanced skier!

Finally, do not forget the emotions that “Intermedia” and “Casa Rossa” scope are able to offer. A thrilling descent from Alpe Ciamporino to the village of San Domenico in which wide walls and forest passages alternate: a MUST that every skier who chooses San Domenico cannot and should not miss!

And for those who want to enjoy the magic of a descent on the snow at night are there is a lighting system on the slopes that from Alpe Ciamporino (altitude 1’936m) go down to San Domenico (1’420m): more than 3km of descent all in one breath for more than 600m of elevation gain!


2-seater chairlift
4-seater chairlift
6-seater chairlift
Tapis roulant


3 green
3 blue
6 red
7 black

Night skiing

Please note: the opening of night skiing is contingent on weather and snow conditions. See the openings section for confirmation or contact us

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