Domodossola, the ancient Oscella dei Leponzi, capital of Upper Ossola, rises on an alluvial plain formed by the Bogna stream on the right of the Toce river. Physical, political and […]


Trasquera is a small alpine town located in the Divedro Valley, at 1096 meters; it is located on the slopes of the Teggiolo in a panoramic position: the view of […]


Varzo ( Varsc in Varzese dialect) is the municipality of which San Domenico is a fraction. Located at about 568m above sea level, Varzo is one of the last municipalities […]

Val Formazza

Formazza, or Pomatt in the Walser language, is the oldest colony founded by these Germanic people during the 13th century migrations beyond the borders of the Canton of Valais, through […]

Orridi di Uriezzo

The visit to the Orridi di Uriezzo is a quiet and pleasant walk also suitable for families, which allows you to admire one of the many signs left by the […]