The ski area

Whether your passion is hiking , mountain biking , outdoor sports or simply relaxing by breathing pure air and tasting local products, San Domenico is able to fully satisfy your every expectation.

Hundreds of km of hiking trails in the presence of majestic peaks and in pristine larch woods, downhill routes for a full of adrenaline on two wheels, panoramic points to be amazed, activities for adults, families and the less young.

All embellished by the beauty of the Alpe Veglia and Devero Natural Park , a simply UNIQUE park!

Your Feel the nature experience awaits you!

The San Domenico area respects the environment, which is why we only use 100% GREEN Energy

Summer activities in San Domenico

Summer ski area map

Alpe Veglia and Devero Natural Park

A naturalistic jewel in the heart of the Lepontine Alps. One of the most evocative parks in the Alps.


8’359 Ha


Baceno, Crodo, Trasquera, Varzo


from 1’600m to 3’553 m