The surroundings

San Domenico is located in the Ossola Valley, a suggestive valley that surprises with its natural beauty and ancient villages that show a deep connection with the mountains.

From San Domenico it is in fact possible to reach a series of suggestive destinations: from the Orridi di Uriezzo to the medieval village of Varzo up to Domodossola, famous for its market square.

A territory to be discovered!


Lago Bianco

The park

San Domenico is located at the entrance to the Alpe Veglia and Devero Natural Park . A real jewel not only of the Western Alps, but of the entire Alpine arc.

A succession of larch forests, streams, lakes and majestic peaks that will literally leave you breathless. A surprise that enchants those who visit it for the first time and that never tires those who frequent it assiduously.

A paradise for lovers of unspoiled nature and outdoor activities.


With its pretty medieval village, Varzo is the municipality of which San Domenico is a fraction.

Here, between one paved alley and another, it is possible to breathe the typical atmosphere of the past years. Time seems to have stopped and the sound of the stream that crosses the town testifies to an ancient bond with nature.

A visit to Varzo is an all in the past that deserves to be experienced.

The Simplon

Val Divedro is mostly known for the Simplon , one of the main Alpine passes and in particular for the Simplon tunnel which runs right under San Domenico and the Monte Leone massif.

An epic work created in the early 1900s and which still today, with its almost 20km of tunnel , connects the north and south of the Alps, transporting travelers and goods.

Other places not to be missed