Families and children

San Domenico offers many fun options for spending a pleasant day or vacation with your children at high altitude, breathing pure area and enjoying the spectacle of nature, which alone can captivate the little ones.

Thrilling “flights” among the larches in our Adventure Park, fun rides on Bobsleds and Sleds, play area with giant inflatables on the snow. Plus the professional entertainment/miniclub service and ski lessons in the school field served by a treadmill under the guidance of the instructors of the San Domenico Ski School.

Sando, a paradise for children .

3 unmissable with the family

1. Snow school camp

Let your children experience the thrill of sliding on snow, under the guidance of our instructors

2. Fun-filled descents

Relax and have fun with your kids in the Bobsled and Sledding area

3. Jump that passes you by!

Guaranteed fun in the inflatable playground at high altitude, right on the snow


The skipass made especially for families , to ski on the snow at a reduced price, both on holidays and on weekdays !

The FAMILY SKIPASS includes:

To purchase the family ski pass it is necessary to present the certificate of family status (also self-certification) and the identity documents of all the members of the family unit.



for the whole family



for the whole family

Special FAMILY Packages