San Domenico project

Since Summer 2009, San Domenico and the surrounding areas are experiencing a real rebirth in terms of tourism / hospitalitythanks to the ambitious relaunch project that San Domenico Ski srland its sister San Domenico Real Estate srlare carrying out.

A project that aims not only to relaunch the area but also to implement a new mountain development model based on eco-sustainability and nature.

The project is in progress and year after year takes shape with many interventions that are part of a coordinated and defined development plan.

In short, FACTS and not mere WORDS!

The pillars of the project

True mountain experience

Living nature according to a true and authentic mountain experience

Environmental sustainability

Develop an environmentally friendly "green mountain resort"

Tourism - related activities development

Transforming the development project into an opportunity for growth for the economy of the valleys

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Key steps of the project:

Summer 2009

San Domenico Ski Ltd. and San Domenico Real Estate Ltd. are founded, and the "San Domenico" project gets off the ground!

2009/2010 Season.

Interior and exterior renovation of "Refuge 2000" located at an altitude of 2,000m

Extraordinary maintenance of all ski lifts

Installation of safety nets along the Casa Rossa-San Domenico and Intermediate slopes.

Season 2010/2011

Renovation and reopening "Hotel Cuccini" in San Domenico country

Summer opening of ski lifts

Improved safety devices along the slopes

New office building

2011/2012 season

Installation of new 4-seater fixed-grip chairlift "CF4 Ciamoporino"

Decommissioning of 2 ski lifts and environmental rehabilitation of areas

Installation of lighting system for night skiing

Improved safety devices along the slopes

2012/2013 season

Installation of new 4-seater detachable chairlift "CD4 Ciamporino-Dosso" with intermediate station and underground chair storage to reduce environmental impact

Construction of a new bar/shelter at 2,500m with entirely local materials

Construction of rental building, ski school and public baths entirely underground

Renovation and reopening Pub/Residence in San Domenico village

General overhaul and extension of technical life of chairlifts "San Domenico-Casa Rossa" and "Casa Rossa-Ciamporino"

Season 2013/2014

Installation of snowmaking system with construction of fully buried water storage tanks to reduce environmental impact

New parking area

2014/2015 season

Construction of new environmentally friendly 450-space underground multi-storey parking garage

Installation of new 6-seater detachable chairlift "SBK6 Bondolero" designed by Porsche Design studio

Support and partnership with Ossola Protected Areas for summer service Park Bus

2015/2016 season

Construction and opening of adventure park

Launch of children's summer activities program - nature

Renovation and rehabilitation of 15km of footpaths

Partnership with Aletsch Arena for cross-border tourism exchange

Sandobus service launched for sustainable winter tourism

2016/2017 Season.

Recovery of 20km of footpaths

Construction and rehabilitation of 20km of trails for exclusive MTB use

Purchase and rescue facilities Alpe Devero

2017/2018 Season

Launch and opening Sando Bike Park

Construction of 15km of MTB trails - Downhill

New "Ciamporino" ski slope connecting the Alpe Ciamporino basin and Casa Rossa directly from Refuge 2000

Total renovation ofHotel Restaurant Cuccini

Extension of the snowmaking system to cover the entire section from Alpe Ciamporino to San Domenico

Season 2018/2019

Construction and opening of new hotel "La Vetta"

Two new restaurants open: "Terrarossa" and "Stube"

New snowshoe and ski touring route from San Domenico to Alpe Ciamporino

Entertainment service for young and old on the slopes and in the accommodation areas

Launch of new online ticket office for station ticket reloading

2019/2020 Season

Installing new 100m treadmill with cover to protect young and old from the elements of the weather

Reorganization of beginner school field by leveling the ground

Creation of bobsled/sledding track for children equipped with night lighting

Enhancement of snowmaking system at Alpe Ciamporino

Functional reorganization of indoor spaces Refuge 2000 to improve flows

2020/21 season

Slope improvement in the upper part of Alpe Ciamporino

Creation of relaxation area (massages, treatments, sauna & wellness) at Hotel La Vetta by purchasing dedicated facilities

Realization fitness & wellness area

Purchase of new snow groomers

Activation of "Pay per use" ticketing service

New website

Webcam system enhancement

Installation of hydroelectric power generation system for zero-impact artificial snow production

Season 2022/23

Expansion and improvement of MTB - Downhill trails at Sando Bikepark

Construction of pedestrian paths in the settlement of San Domenico.

Extension of telephone and data signal coverage to ensure proper reception of all telephone operators in all areas of the district in order to improve safety and usability.

Organization of the World Mountain Running Championship - Vertical km specialty - on the San Domenico - Dosso route.

Season 2023/24

Starting work on construction of "San Domenico - Alpe Ciamporino" gondola, equipped with 8-seat super panoramic "Porsche design" cabins.

Construction of second parking garage with more than 400 covered parking spaces on 5 floors.







San Domenico
Alpe Ciamporino

Work in progress

Planned reopening summer 2024!


Full day

  • Skis, boots and poles € 20
  • Ski and poles € 16
  • Ski only € 13
  • Boots only€ 8
  • Poles only € 4
  • Child skis, boots and poles up to 130 cm
    € 17
  • Child skis and poles up to 130 cm € 13
  • Only child skis up to 130 cm € 10
  • Only children's boots up to 130 cm € 6
  • Only child poles up to 130 cm € 3

1/2 day

  • Skis, boots and poles € 15
  • Ski and poles € 12
  • Ski only € 10
  • Boots only€ 6
  • Poles only € 3
  • Child skis, boots and poles up to 130 cm
    € 13
  • Child skis and poles up to 130 cm € 10
  • Only child skis up to 130 cm € 7
  • Only children's boots up to 130 cm € 4
  • Only child poles up to 130 cm € 3

1 hour

  • Ski, boots and poles € 8
  • Ski and poles € 6
  • Ski only € 5
  • Boots only€ 3
  • Poles only € 2
  • Child skis, boots and poles up to 130 cm
    € 7
  • Child skis and poles up to 130 cm € 5
  • Only child skis up to 130 cm € 4
  • Only children's boots up to 130 cm € 2
  • Only child poles up to 130 cm € 2


Full day

  • Snowboard and boots € 22
  • Snowboard only € 18
  • Boots only€ 8

1/2 day

  • Snowboard and boots € 18
  • Snowboard only € 15
  • Boots only € 6

1 hour

  • Snowboard and boots € 9
  • Snowboard only € 8
  • Boots only€ 3


Full day

  • Adult helmet€ 5
  • Children's helmet € 4

1/2 day

  • Adults helmet € 3
  • Children's helmet € 2

1 hour

  • Adults helmet € 2
  • Children's helmet € 1


ATTENTION: the bobs can ONLY be used in the specially reserved spaces!

  • 1 hour € 5
  • Every additional hour € 2