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Season 2020-21 day, multi-day and seasonal ski passes

ALL ski passesare also for sale ONLINE!including those with discounts for ages, families, etc .: avoid queuesand save money thanks to the discounts for those who buy ONLINE!

Buying the ski pass online is very simple and, once purchased, you can go directly to the ski lifts without going through the ticket office!

The skipasses recharged online are valid for the whole season: if for some reason (e.g. bad weather, accident, change of destination, etc.) you cannot use the skipass for the scheduled day, the card remains AUTOMATICALLY charged for another day of the same type (holiday or weekday).

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The period between 19/12/2020 and 07/03/2021is considered HIGH SEASON. Buy your ski pass online, avoid the queues and SAVE MONEY!

Full day
(8.30 - 16.30)

  • Adults
    € 35 / ONLINE € 33
  • Teens
    € 27 / ONLINE € 25
  • Children* FREE
  • Senior
    € 29 / ONLINE € 27
  • Famiglia (2 adulti e tutti i figli fino a 14 anni inclusi)** € 69

Adults and Adults Beginners from 15 years old, Seniors over 65, Teens from 9 to 14 years old, Children up to 8 years old.

For the DISABLED, upon presentation of a certificate of disability, the Senior rates apply

* if accompanied by a parent who is skiing. In the event that the child is accompanied by an adult who does not ski, theTeens rate applies.

** BEGINNER: formula dedicated to beginners that allows you to use the chairlifts to reach Alpe Ciamporino, the tapis roulant and the 4-seater CF4 Ciamporino chairlift that serves the slopes of the Ski School.

Not skiers race

San Domenico (1420m)
Alpe Ciamporino (1936m)

  • Roundtrip (over 15) € 10
  • Roundtrip reduced (over 65 and under 14) € 8
  • Roundtrip groups (from 10 people) € 8
  • Roundtrip (over 15) € 7
  • Roundtrip reduced (over 65 and under 14) € 6
  • Roundtrip Groups (from 10 people) € 6
  • Children up to 5 FREE

San Domenico (1420m)
Dosso (2473m)

  • Roundtrip (over 15) € 15
  • Roundtrip reduced (over 65 and under 14) € 11
  • Roundtrip groups (from 10 people) € 11
  • Roundtrip (over 15) € 11
  • Roundtrip reduced (over 65 and under 14) € 6
  • Roundtrip Groups (from 10 people) € 6
  • Children up to 5 FREE


  • All San Domenico Ski Skipasses and Season Passes are issued on the San Domenico Ski Snow Card. If not already in possession, at the purchase of the firstskipass or the withdrawal of the season ticket, the skier is required to pay € 2 in addition to the price of the ticket or season ticket chosen for issuing the Snow Card. The card is not refundable The card is valid in all VCO stations and is valid for several years.
  • Any loss and / or damage of the Snow Card will not be refunded in any way by San Domenico Ski srl.
  • Holidays are considered Saturdays, Sundays, midweek holidays and the periods from 19/12/2020 to 10/01/2021 and from 01/04/2021 to 05/04/2021
  • Skipasses with university discounts will be issued only upon presentation of the university card and the document certifying enrollment for the current academic year.