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In the heart of the Lepontine Alps

San Domenico is located in the northernmost part of Piedmont, in a valley of the Lepontine Alps that is characterized by a suggestive succession of ridges, woods and lakes in southern Switzerland.

An alpine village in the Municipality of Varzo, San Domenico is located at 1,420 m above sea level on a plateau nestled between the mountain slopes that delimit the Val Cairasca, a side valley of the Val Divedro which is a part of the Val d’Ossola.

San Domenico is one of the last places in the entire Alpine arc where it is still possible to “live” the mountain in its essence without excess and without artificiality. The undisputed dominator of the places is in fact naturewhich with its spontaneity offers itself generous and almost untouched in every period of the year.

There are numerous activities that allow both in winter and during the hot summer months to get in touch with nature and fully experience its magic: from sliding on the snow-covered slopes of Alpe Ciamporino to long walks in the whitening woods; from hiking on the trails of one of the Nature Parks most picturesque in all the Alps to simply resting in the tranquility of the village in summer.

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